Everything you wanted to know about volunteering but were afraid to ask

Ready to roll up your sleeves and volunteer for the midterms but feeling shy about talking to voters? Or maybe you’re already knocking on doors and working the phones, but want to hone your skills?

Swing Left Academy has been training thousands of volunteers online and in person this summer with some amazing programming including veterans of the Hillary and Obama campaigns, as well as rock star staff and volunteers from Swing Left.

Rules of Engagement

As more and more progressive political groups seek to combine forces to take back political power, it’s necessary to create shared spaces where everyone has a voice. As the rules that govern diverse political organizations are complex, this graphic was designed to make plain how such conversations can take place without fear of violating campaign laws.

1. Anybody can share public information with anybody else any time. Which is why we love public calendars.

2. Strategic, non-public info about a campaign MAY NOT be shared with groups who make independent expenditures.

3. Independent expenditure is money spent to help a candidate but not given to or in cahoots with a campaign.

4. A political group can choose to be either independent expenditure (IE) or not for a given election cycle.

5. IEs can’t work (co-ordinate) with campaigns. Non-IE groups can. 6. If there is no campaign, there is no problem. Everyone can talk to everyone.