The CA-1 Leadership Council

The NorCal Blue Wave is a collection of progressive action groups in Blue Districts providing support for the electoral activities in Red Districts to turn them Blue.

To do this, we will work with organizations through our District Captain, so that our combined efforts have the most impact.

District Captain for CA1:
Ogie Strogatz

Contact our District Captain if you would like to discuss our strategy and tactical plans.

Council Members Include:

If you are interested in having your group participate in the District Council for this district, contact:

CA-1 Organizations

CD1 Democratic Allance
The CD1 Democratic Alliance is a volunteer grassroots organization dedicated to bringing northern Californians effective and responsive representation throughout California’s First Congressional District.  The volunteers of the Alliance seek to improve the district’s distressed economy, fairly represent all of its residents, and protect its rural environment for current and future generations.