Norcal Blue Wave Team

The below people are volunteers in the Norcal Blue Wave. If you are interested in helping with the leadership efforts for the Norcal Blue Wave, please contact and let us know how you would like to help.

Current Norcal Blue Wave Team Electoral Team:
Admin – Exec Director: Carson D. Kelly
Admin – Team Member: OPEN
Admin – Web Master: Melody Sharp
Admin – Web Developer: Mary Weeks
Admin – Web/Graphic Designer – OPEN
Admin – Calendar Submission Lead: Pat True
Admin – Calendar Team – Faith Zack
Admin – SEO Manager – OPEN

Pathway to Victory Lead: Andrew Kim
Pathway to Victory Team Member: Kook Huber
Pathway to Victory Team Member: Larry Martin

Consumer Recruitment Event Lead: Pat Mundy
Consumer Activation Lead: Aram Fischer

District Captain: CA1 Ogie Strogatz
District Captain: CA4 Lisa Bennett
District Captain: CA7 TBD
District Captain: CA10 Beatrice Von Schulthess
District Captain: CA21 Kook Huber & Maria Mead
District Captain: CA22 Lisa Ferino
District Captain: CA24 Pat Fletcher
District Captain: CASoCal OPEN

Tactical Team Lead: Linda Herman
Tactical Team Member: Anthony Grumbach
Tactical Team Member: Carol Whitman
Tactical Team Member: Mary Morgon
Tactical Team Member: Emily Nord
Tactical Team Member: Ken Reichman
Tactical Team Lead: Sylvia Russell
Tactical Team Member: Patty Hoyt
Tactical Team Member: Valerie Opry
Tactical Team Member: Eric Siegel
Tactical Team Member: Amanda Altice
Tactical Team Member: Sarah Grewe

Social Media: Facebook – OPEN
Social Media: Twitter – OPEN
Social Media: Pinterest – OPEN
Social Media: Snapchat – OPEN
Social Media: Instagram – OPEN
Newsletter Editor: Ruth Schoenbach
Newsletter Team Member: Roz Lei

Organization Structure: